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Hospitality Industry Owners are you tired of paying out your hard earn money to Agent Commissions and Advertising Companies?

We do Chat Marketing on the FACEBOOK MESSENGER PLATFORM building your database, track your Return on Investment and grow your business.

who we help

All Businesses

If you are a Business Owner and need more customers walking through your door?  We can help you. 

Want to grow your own database to retarget your customers in the future?  We can help you. 

Fedup to pay advertising cost and high agent commissions? We can help you.

We work to realize your goals and accomplish your objectives.

Hospitality Industry

Activate your Chat Marketing today, it’s a real timesaver.
It knows the answers to your guest's FAQs, is trained to take and manage bookings, it does upselling, and review customers experience at important stages of the customer journey.
If your Messenger doesn’t have the answer your guest is looking for, your staff receives an instant message and can immediately take over the conversation. No headaches for your guests, maximum productivity and that means great customer service.

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Gyms / Pilates / Spinning

Make more money by using Messenger Marketing to sell your weight-loss, training, boot camps, memberships and supplements. Attract more people by doing giveaways, (e.g. for a month), give away some products, training sessions, whatever you sell.  You’ll get TONS of traffic. Tons of eyes at your gym. If you send them their workouts to their phone, they’re gonna LOVE you for that. Your Messenger can easily answer every common question 24/7, anytime.

Restaurants / Coffee Shops

Setting up a Birthday Messenger Flow is an evergreen system for getting a fast revenue injection into your restaurant. Targeting people having an upcoming birthday and the automated Messenger flow that delivers a good offer, you can drive people into your restaurant in record time. People typically spend more and bring 4 or more guests with them, providing higher, trackable revenue short term. Long term, you’re producing repeat customers and also capturing email and phone numbers as an additional long term asset that can be monetized over and over for years to come.


Beauty Salons / Spa

Setting appointments and attracting new clients, that’s the lifeblood of any spa or salon.  With open rates between 80-95%, Messenger marketing is a sure-fire way to get the word out about your salon or spa!  Clients can choose the exact service they want and find pricing information they need.  Includes a scheduling page that lets clients request appointments for specific dates, times, and services. 
Smooth as silk.